is a practice organized around four architects
working between London, Madrid and Beirut:

Carlos Jiménez Cenamor
Architect and Urban Planner, ETSAM, Madrid 2007.
Part time professor in charge of Unit 22
Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

Leticia López de Santiago
Architect and Urban Planner, ETSAM, Madrid 2007.
M Arch, ETSAM 2010. PhD candidate, ETSAM.

Beatriz Sendín Jiménez
Architect and Urban Planner, ETSAM, Madrid 2003
Master in Habitat and cooperation, ETSAM, Madrid 2007

Marwan Zouein
Architect, DPLG - Paris Belleville, 2004
M Arch, ETSAM 2010.
Consultant for GaiaHeritage.
Full time Assistant Professor 2013 -
School of Architecture, Lebanese American University

The office develops a variety of projects that range
from furniture design and ephemeral events
to architecture, planning and long-term urban strategies,
all strongly connected to contemporary culture
through a lively and sustainable approach.
Architecture is conceived as a craftsmanship,
combining research and design with a 'hands on' approach
and unique use of materials.
Every day practice is supplemented
by research and academic involvement.