Beatriz Sendín [casaleganitos] with Emilio Garcia Navarro has collaborated with Susana Sendín on a temporary intervention on the facade of Casa Pueblo in Madrid during the "Decorracion 2014" festival. you can see it live until June 8, calle léon 3.

Our lamps have just left the Zinc Shower fair in Madrid, after 3 intensive days of brainstorming under theirs lights. Pictures will follow soon.

Inauguration of the exhibition "infinite Spaces of Beirut", designed by Ayssar Arida and Sabine de Maussion in the Beirut Art Center. Urbatect invited us to design a project scale 1:64 playing with their new construction game, "Urbacraft". Info from the Agenda culturel, in french. For more info, go to the project.

[casaleganitos] is delighted to announce the opening of the AteneoMuchaVida festival in which they are exhibiting their last furniture work. This time, they have teamed up with the gorgeous cartonLAB team to produce the first 100% recyclable lamps. These designs are part of their collection "Attention! this is a lamp!" that will light your ideas! more info here & here.

Congratulations to Beatriz Sendín from [casaleganitos] with n'UNDO group for their winning proposals in Kalmar and Don Benito, in the Europan 12 competition !

"No construction, minimization. Reuse and dismantle. A network of interventions that will improve the whole of the municipality. Invest in the own values and pre-existences of Don Benito. A long-term project, facing immediate intervention."

[casaleganitos] is proud to introduce the new Summer Foundation course at the Bartlett, London, this summer 2013.

The Bartlett Summer Foundation will introduce and prepare students for a future career in architecture and architectural education through the Bartlett eyes, the eyes of INNOVATION. The program will provide students with a unique creative platform to improve their design Skills and to acquire new ones through Experimentation and Fabrication, in one of the most creative environment of the world. This Summer Foundation experience will allow each student to build a conceptual and critical thinking as well as a consistent design ETHOS within a PLAYFUL and ENJOYABLE atmosphere.

For more info on registration, here.
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