Ciudad de Fez, Marruecos, Octubre 2010.

We would like to recall the position expressed by Gilles Clément in «la sagesse du jardinier», where he simply follows the example of the wise gardener, who attentively observes every aspect of the garden, from plants to animals, from wind to clouds, stating that «observation is the ideal mode of gardening for tomorrow»
As Giovanna Borasi writes in «Between Nature and Environment», the role of Clement's garden is to facilitate the change, to promote diversity, to valorise the surprising or unexpected evolutionary event. «The gardener may not be the one who produces lasting forms that will endure over times but rather the one who produces lasting fascination»
As a careful observer the gardener chronicles the transformation that occurs, wich in turn offers the gardener and his visitor a continually changing tableau of colours, forms and textures that proliferate as the biodiversity of the place increases year by year.


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Infrastructure:re-adaptable, re-configurable, repairable


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The neighborhood as a waterpurifying plant